Core Values & Positioning Statement


GOD-Centered: The most important core value and foundation of our institution is GOD. Our strategic direction is heavily influenced by divine wisdom and direction.

We also believe that if an individual is God-Centered it will make it easy for that individual to exhibit the other core values needed to maximize organizational performance. This core value finds expression in daily morning services, monthly corporate all-night services and chapels in every major branch of the company.

Speed and Accuracy: Speed and Accuracy underpins our concept of superior service delivery. We seek to develop more convenient, efficient and customer-focused solutions without compromising on quality.

Integrity and Trust: We believe that exhibiting the highest level of integrity is only a basic standard in our quest to earn the trust of our customers.

Professionalism: As professionals in the business of banking, we promise to observe the highest standards of professionalism when relating with our customers, employees, regulators, service providers, and the public.

Reliability: We seek to consistently deliver on our promises and core mandate of providing superior, customer-focused banking solutions



Capital Bank’s positioning statement is “Value 4 U”.

Capital Bank believes that the “new” African is ambitious, hardworking and demands the best standards.

Capital Bank is thus positioned to deliver value that exceeds these very high standards and to create value-laden sustainable partnerships.