Our Service

CAPITALBANK aims at helping you improve your cash management activity straight through maximum efficiency in the following broad cash management areas:

CapitalBank is only about arranging flexible and integrated solutions that will help you drive efficiencies in managing the flow of money (e.g. fees payments, bills payments, etc.) into organizations.
Bespoke to our institutional and business clients’ segment, we provide you with integrated multi-channel solutions to give you greater visibility and more control over both your payments processing and data reconciliation.

Concentrating surplus cash or sweeping bank account balances to a centralised and more rewarding deposit account domiciliation with CAPITALBANK to ensure liquidity of our clients is managed efficiently.

Our multi-channel approach will allow you and your organizations to choose between different channel options, depending on value and volume of transactions, where they are going and how time critical they are with regards to transfers both local and abroad.

You stand to Benefit from the following;

  • Simple, efficient payment collection
  • Flexibility to accept local and foreign currency
  • Hassle-free bulk payment collection
  • Complete visibility of accounts and transactions
  • Tailored solutions to our business clients as well as their clients and other stakeholders
  • Reduced administration cost
  • Range of cash sweeping solutions
  • Hassle-free bulk payment collection
  • Fast, accurate payments
  • Flexible payment options via our electronic channels
  • Flexibility to set immediate or future payment dates
  • Improved clients’ liquidity
  • Reduced administration cost