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  • SpeedNet Internet Banking
  • SpeedBanking (SpeedBanking ETV & API)
  • Mobile banking
  • ATM Cards
  • Remote Banking
  • Prepaid VISA Card

SpeedNet Internet Banking

The first bank to bring you branchless electronic cash deposit banking (SpeedBanking) solution is giving you another reason to bank holistically in a safe and convenient internet platform.
Welcome to the next generation of convenient CapitalBank Internet banking, which enables you to:

  • Open accounts, apply for loans and overdrafts
  • Pay bills for over 5 different companies online
  • Transfer funds between accounts and even to other banks
  • Access all your accounts online


We offer unique and exclusive solution that makes it possible for you to deposit cash into your Personal bank accounts using your mobile phone. SpeedBanking cards can also be used to pay bills, purchase tickets for events and shop online amongst other selected platforms.

Speedbanking ETV will provide you easy accessibility to digitized SpeedBanking tokens. You can purchase the tokens through any of the following vendors;
Be vended or sold through any SMS, USSD, INTERNET or MOBILE APP enabled device. E.g. mobile phones, POS, computers, tablets etc. and
to assume both regular and irregular amounts

Our SpeedBanking API platform will enable you to use SpeedBanking tokens to do the following transactions:

  • To pay for goods or services online or in shops.
  • To pay school fees.
  • To fund e-wallets or mobile money
  • On fund raising platforms.
  • To pay insurance premiums.

Mobile Banking

With Capital Bank Mobile Banking, you can securely and conveniently manage your accounts anywhere, anytime, all on the one thing you never leave home without your mobile phone! This channel provides you unrivaled ease in accessing and transacting on your Capital bank accounts.

  • Features at Your Fingertips
    Capital Bank Mobile banking gives you instant access and control over your account from your mobile phone. It's the ultimate in money management with features such as:

a. Account alerts (SpeedAlert): know the exact moment your salary arrives; your cheques clear; even when deposits or withdrawals exceed an amount defined by you
b. Account balance retrieval: see your balance for your deposit, loan and investment accounts
c. Instant and scheduled transfers between your Capital Bank accounts
d. Transaction history: track your savings and spending anytime — investments accounts included

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

The Capital Bank Debit Card is a smart and secured card that works like a cheque book, only better. This card gives holders easy access to your accounts wherever, whenever with the Gh-link and E-zwich functionality.
Capital Bank ATMs offer added features such as Funds Transfer and On–the–Go –transactions
Funds transfer; Fund movement from one account to another.
Own Party Account
Third Party Account
Interbank Account

On–the–Go –transactions
Airtime: Airtime top-up purchase
Bill Payments: DSTV, GOTV, ECG, TV LICENSE bill payments
Gift Vouchers / Ticket Vending
Cheque Book request

Remote Banking

At Capital Bank, we provide you the opportunity to consume banking services speedily and conveniently through a secured electronic channel owned by you, the Capital Bank customer, without having to be physically present at the bank. Time is of essence and Capital Bank wants you to spend less time going to the bank, this way, you can have more time to attend to your pressing needs.

Mobile Phone

  • SMS Banking
  • USSD Banking
  • Apps Banking
  • WEB (Internet) Banking

Personal Computers

  • WEB (Internet) Banking


  • WEB(Internet) Banking
  • Apps Banking

Capital Bank customers should be able to access the following services on any of the above channels anytime, anywhere.

Account Opening (pending KYC)
At least, the customer should be able to initiate account opening

SpeedBanking deposit
Cheque deposit

Funds Transfer
Between two own accounts in Capital Bank
Between own account and third party account in Capital Bank


Prepaid VISA Card

A Co-branded card scheme for clients with e-commerce agenda.