Our Service

This is a Personal loan that caters to your specific needs. Whether you want to go on a dream vacation, renovate and remodel your home or make a sound investment to spur on wealth creation, we can help you to achieve these goals in two ways:

  1. Open a current account with Capital Bank today and receive your salary through it for just 3 months and receive a concessionary terms and conditions on your personal loans
  2. Sign on with any of the Personal Banking services at Capital Bank aside your Business Banking services and get an Executive Personal loans or temporary overdrafts.

This is a consumer finance scheme created to pre-finance consumer durables like electronic appliances, furniture, etc. for both clients and non-clients of Capital Bank.

Just visualize the item in your mind and Capital Bank will buy it for you so you can pay in up to 12 instalments at zero percent interest.


This is designed to provide you access to concessionary interest salary advance or temporary overdraft of up to 70% of your net salary or average credit turnovers to help you manage times when faced extra and unanticipated expenses.

Loans to give you the opportunity to own your dream vehicle

  1. Workplace Banking Loans

Workplace Banking Loan is a credit facility that enables employees to source for unsecured loan facilities from CapitalBank. Employees applying for loans need not have an account with CapitalBank.

  1. Capital Asset Leasing

This is aimed at aiding you to meet your asset finance needs from credible vendors

  1. Capital Personal Overdrafts

This a Salary Advance (Capital Salad) tailored to meet an immediate financial need of only salary account holders

CapitalBank takes a more customised approach to bank with churches and school. And as such, has tailored solutions to cater for the sundry needs of credible churches and schools to enable them enjoy credit at concessionary rates based on their average credit turnovers for the past six months in respect of the following:

Project Finance – Vehicle Finance – Equipment, Instruments, Furniture and Fittings Finance – Debt Refinance –  Equity Release –  Working Capital Support

  • Capital Church Credit (CCC)

Designed to meet every legitimate need of your church

  • Capital Eduplus Credit (CEL)

Designed to meet every legitimate need of your school

  • Temporary Credit
  1. TOD – to meet an immediate financial need
  2. Revolver – to support recurrent expenditures