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A foreign exchange (“FX”) transaction involves buying and selling of one currency against another for an agreed amount of currency at a specified rate. Transactions can be settled either by physical delivery of currency or by net settlement on a pre-agreed settlement date.
Repurchase Agreements commonly known as Repo Investments are agreements which allow an investor to lend money to a financial institution against Treasury Bills/ Bonds.

Treasury bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Government of Ghana (government security) under the local Treasury bill laws by which it raises domestic public debt for budgetary purposes. Treasury bills are issued for Three Months (91 Days), Six Months (182 Days) and One Year (364 Days) by the public debt department of the Central Bank as an agent for the government of Ghana.

Any individual who is a resident of Ghana or an organisation or a Corporate incorporated in Ghana can purchase treasury bills from CapitalBank bank subject to furnishing necessary documents and completing the relevant applications.

A Fixed Deposit (popularly known as a FD) is a financial instrument provided by commercial banks which provide investors with a higher rate of interest vis-à-vis a regular savings account, whereby the customer places his funds with the bank for a pre-determined time frame. Currently FDs are offered for a tenor of up to one year. However the bank may offer FDs for a longer tenor on a case-by-case basis. CapitalBank Bank accepts FDs in Ghanaian Cedis and other major currencies (subject to the investor’s eligibility to place a deposit in a relevant currency).
A commodity derivative instrument is a contract between two parties that specifies conditions under which payments, or payoffs, are to be made between the parties. Derivatives can be settled either by cash or by physical delivery of the underlying. CapitalBank Bank offers risk management and investment solutions across a full spectrum of commodities i.e. Base metals, precious metals, agriculture, energy and freight. We provide a wide range of over the counter (OTC) products, including spot and forward transactions, swaps, options, exotic options, structured trades, commodity-linked financing and investment products. The bank is also able to provide physical precious metal capabilities including loans and consignments.
A Foreign-Exchange Option (commonly known as FX Option (“FXO”) or Currency Option) is a financial derivative instrument that alters the profile of the cash flows of an observable underlying. FX options can be used in isolation or as a combination of several options to form a single contract. Corporations primarily use a single or a combination of multiple FX options to hedge uncertain future cash flows.
An interest rate derivative is a derivative where the underlying asset is the right to pay or receive an amount of money (usually notional) based on a given interest rate.
A foreign exchange swap, forex swap, or FX swap is a simultaneous purchase and sale of similar amounts of the base currency for another with two different value dates and exchange rates. A foreign exchange swap consists of two legs: A spot foreign exchange transaction, and A forward foreign exchange transaction.